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The Joy and fulfillments through Fessings-Cards

This membership level is made available for the purpose of nurturing your relationship with friends and relatives who are dear to your heart and wish to acknowledge that desire, to strengthening the relationship. By means of Fessings-Cards, you now have the opportunity for this exploration.

However, Fessings-Cards may be used just as you would send any other greeting cards. For instance, the Blessing or Wishes category can be used for any joyful celebrations, such as birthday wishes, school graduations, etc. Regrets category can be used for sympathies. And of course, My-Fess category is only limited by your imagination.



Guest Explorer: $3.95

This option grants you access for 7 days. At this level, your desire is more of curiosity. Here, you are just going for the ride, and hope to be surprised. This is very much like being in the Funky Style.

Happy Fessings, discover the issues!

Casual Explorer: $9.95

 This option grants you access for 30 days. As a casual explorer you have a desire to make changes. At this level, you will investigate the Issues with others and consider possible changes. This approach is quite similar to the Elegant Style.

Happy Fessings, explore the possibilities!

Committed Explorer: $27.99

This option grants you access for 1 year. The committed explorer understands the Issues and their position within the 4 qualities of the Present. Through this awareness, this explorer is certain in the direction for a positive outcome. Consequently, the explorer reaches out, to others and finds the path for a solution. This certainty is that of the Classical Style.

Happy Fessings, maximize your potential!