What is i-Fess?

 The name (i-fess) comes from the verb to fess that is a contracted form of the verb to confess, and with the pronoun I in front of the word fess indicating that this admission is being made to oneself. Thus, i-fess is a platform that offers the opportunity to self-reflect privately, as well as having the mean to interact with others, for the purpose of discovering the root cause of certain issues that need to be taken under consideration. To engage in this act of expressing oneself is called Fessing.


Through a systematic consideration of a conceptual framework, the process of fessing presents a practical approach to explore the root cause of hidden nuances that may have adverse effects on present conditions in one’s life. At the core of this conceptual framework is the notion of awareness. This is then frame within the concept of time – for which in fessing, the present is viewed of having 4 different qualities. Other elements of this framework are the modes of cognition, such feeling, understanding, realizing, as well as the types of emotions, through which we express our experiences. In an attempt to make this process more effective and user friendly, these emotions are depicted by 10 illustrations, referred to as Ten (10) Faces of Fessing. Each of these Ten Faces are depicted by 3 styles each, Funky, Elegant and Classic, which further offer more clarification for the mode of cognitions, within awareness.


The Goal of Fessing

Unlike most journals with the primary purpose to record daily activities, the Fessing journal is a process for exploring specific events from past experiences that seems to have an impact on the enjoyment of your life. At the very least, clarifying an Issue helps to eliminate stress, and tension from worries that may exist between you and another person. However, the ultimate goal of Fessing is to achieve mastery of mind and become self-empowered with a greater ability of awareness to maximize one’s potential under any circumstances, for greater enjoyments of life.

To engage in fessing, then, one must look within. Such requires courage, determination and conviction. In other word this is a process for the person who is proactive and have a desire to become master of their destiny, rather than victim of circumstances.


In fessing, there is no fussing!

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Albert Dépas

Albert Dépas (Founder of i-fess.com and creator of the Fessing process) is a visual-artist, poet and educator. He is also a Reiki master and instructor, and has been initiated in several mystical traditions. Through the creative process, Dépas explores the notion of self, identity and consciousness. In his search, he considers the individual self as well as the different constructs of identity within our society.

Dépas is the author of Metamorphosis of Joy, a collection of poetry, published in 1996 by Mega Press, and "Conflicts and Conflict Resolution for the Prevention of Wars" - www.Academia.edu  - Dépas holds a Bachelor Degree in Visual Studies from the New School for Public Engagement, in New York City, and a Master Degree in International Education, from (NYU) -New York University.