In fessing there is no fussing


What is i-Fess?

The name (i-fess) comes from the verb to fess that is a contracted form of the verb to confess which means to admit, and with the pronoun I in front of the word fess indicating that this admission is being made to oneself. Thus, i-fess is a social media platform that offers the opportunity to self-reflect privately, as well as having the ability to interact with others, for the purpose of discovering the root cause of certain issues that need to be given some consideration. To engage in this act of expressing oneself is called Fessing.

The i-fess Structure

Fesseology – “The Conceptual Framework for Fessing”

Under Fesseology you will find the details of what Fessing is about.

This is where you start the process of Fessing. Here you enter the Issues that you want to explore, consider and come to some conclusion as to the best possible outcome for resolutions. You may also, post images, music and videos, that are relevant to the Issue under consideration. You may keep it private, as in a personal diary, or share it with the world.

Fess-Lounge is more like your living room, in which you invite friends over to explore an issue. When you are considering an issue in your lounge, you may invite friends who are connected to the specific subject or others whom you think might be helpful in resolving the issue under consideration. You may also post images, music and videos in your lounge, for discussion. And only the friends in your lounge will have access to information in it.

Under Activities you will see the actions that have taken place on the site. However, your information under Fessing and in your Fess-Lounge will not appear here, And if you wish other people to see them, you have to set them to public.

Fessing-Cards are for when you wish to acknowledge a fess directly to another person.  In which case, you would select the desired card and email it to that person with your message.