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Happy Fessing

Happy Fessing

In fessing there is no fussing

Albert Dépas

Albert Dépas (Founder of i-fess.com and creator of the Fessing process) is a visual-artist, poet and educator. He is also a Reiki master and instructor, and has been initiated in several mystical traditions. Through the creative process, Mr. Dépas explores the notion of self, identity and consciousness. In this search, he considers the individual self as well as the different constructs of identity within our society.

He is the author of Metamorphosis of Joy, a collection of poetry, published in 1996 by Mega Press. Mr. Dépas holds a Bachelor Degree in Visual Studies from the New School for Public Engagement, in New York City, and a Master Degree in International Education, from (NYU) -New York University.